Colorwar final


Where: SEGADORES WEST CAMPUS 20850 Griffin Rd SW Ranches,FL 33332

When: May 28th, 2016

Time: 10:30AM

Who: Youth and Young Adults 

What: COLOR WAR is a youth and young adult gathering that is meant to bring people together in a laid back atmosphere. The gospel of Jesus Christ is presented in a relevant and clear way. 

What to expect: A DJ blasting music throughout the event, free food for the first 60 visitors, color powder war, with water war to follow. 

Further Details: Come ready to have a good time. WEAR ALL WHITE. Encouraged to bring water guns. Color powder and 1000s of water balloons will be provided. 

*Ladies to use discretion with wearing clothes worn underneath the white. 

• Note: Si necesitas más información por favor de escribirnos a o llamanos al 954-963-4001




Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.43.47 PM

“OUTCAST”  04|29|16.

All who are interested are welcome @ our West Campus
• 7PM -7:30PM- MINGLE
•7:30PM-740PM- WORSHIP

— “And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the ‘OUTCASTs’ … From the four corners of the earth.” #Isaiah11:12 — We named our once a month gathering “OUTCAST!” It is about reaching 1 person at a time with the blatant good news of Jesus, his blood-stained cross, and a very empty grave.

•ADDRESS: SEGADORES WEST CAMPUS 20850 Griffin Rd SW Ranches,FL 33332


Face the Music


“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” #Psalm98.4

White Noise
Noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities.

“Life gets intense.”
What we do next defines what just transpired. If you get in an accident, was the pain pointless, or did it amount to something? A lesson? A story? Or is everything that happens in life just a paper weight. Psalm 98 is referring to steering the chaos of life one direction; up. Loved one left you, sing upwards. Upset you missed a promotion, make a noise up. If we take in the white noise for too long, everything sounds the same. And when everything sounds the same, everything sounds like nothing. It is like listening to 2 songs at the same time, from 2 different genres, at full blast. You end up uncomfortable, lost, and seeking silence. The noise is not the issue, the lack of volume adjustment is what got you cornered. Gain perspective today, that all the noise that has come at you can easily be used as praise from you. Sing the lyrics of pain to God today. Read the music of doubt. Let out a battling sound from the drum kit of fear, and the sounds you offer will become “noise” that reminds you that you are “white” as snow.


The Oscar-Buoy

photo   The definition of a “Buoy”- an anchored float serving as a navigation mark, to show reefs or other hazards, or for mooring. It is the morning after the famed 88th Academy Awards. There were plenty of story lines laced through out the evening. Racial prejudice, sexual preference equality, winners, and snubs just to name of few of them. While going to sleep at the late night hour due to the Eastern time zone difference from Pacific time, my mind raced in to the night. Upon waking up this morning, February 29th (Leap Day), my heart was now being stirred by the events leading up to one of the world’s largest platforms that it offers. Receiving an academy award for his song, “Writing’s on the Wall,” Sam Smith used his platform to plead for a future where the L.B.G.T. community can be considered equal in all forms. Academy Award recipient, Leonardo DiCaprio, used his platform to stress the effects and needed change concerning Global Warming.

It was a pretty stand-up event poised for people and building issues to take center stage with the World tuning in as the audience taking in every joke, statement, and gesture. It brought to mind a statement Jesus Christ summoned, “Then he turned to the crowd: “When you see clouds coming in from the west, you say, ‘Storm’s coming’—and you’re right. And when the wind comes out of the south, you say, ‘This’ll be a hot one’—and you’re right. Frauds! You know how to tell a change in the weather, so don’t tell me you can’t tell a change in the season, the God-season we’re in right now,” based on Luke 12:54-56. Jesus openly admits that the people are right about one thing, but completely clueless to another. Conveying that a day can be figured out, while a season can go completely unnoticed.

This morning, completely inoculated with this notion to make this buoy-shaped Oscar, I had come to realize the implications of World events that shape our future. Wars will always be, and wars of every kind will always be. The Book of Revelation commits our world to this Truth. Injustice will survive as long as wars continue. So what is the point then? The point is that events, like the Oscars, that draw in a planet sized stage also draws the attention of the planet. What is said on that stage, shapes the narrative for a world scaled conversation. Peace talks will always start and end. Tireless fights will always cease and grow again. Conversation, however, does not die. You kill someone with a conversation and you spread his or her message.

As I replay the order of events from yesterday, I also replay what God did around the World yesterday. Healings, baptisms, the lost returned to a patient Father.  Growing up in a Pastor’s home, I whole-heartedly agree that the local church of Jesus Christ is the hope for the World. As I enter deeper in to my thirties, I also see the dynamic of the World changing. You grow up acknowledging the suffering of humanity away from God, but also seeing the suffering of humanity of those closing in on God as well.  The church must be a place where the World can hold conversation, if it is not, the World will continue to talk without the church. If our World leaders become a line in the sand of “us” and “you,” then we miss the entire point of the conversation is to recognize “Us, as humanity,” and “Him, as divinity.” We are not of this world, that much is true, but we pay rent with our lives here, and will one day give account of how we spent our where and why.

Where is the Christian’s voice on the World stage of influence? Where are the Pauls in front of King Agrippa? The Daniels and King Nebuchadnezzar? Where are the three Hebrew boys and the hottest of flames? Where are the Johns with the truth that costs death in front of the affluent? As Christians, are we known only for struggling with acceptance and not for battling in excellence? Known for requiring of holiness from all, but not for the gift of hospitality from us? “Who will go for us?”, seems to be the most fitting of questions. “Here I am, send me,” seems to be the only response I have left to make. The Oscar-Buoy floats up and down, sending signals of where humanity is at. It is not the buoy that is evil nor its message, it is the lack of presence on the World’s stage that keeps the message of Christ silent. Excel long and loud enough, and the World will demand your Testimony.